MSN Messenger gets an Avatar-like upgrade

Today, Arstechnica found that Microsoft unveiled a project that works with MSN Messenger to give users Mii-like avatars. The program is called “Minimise Me” and it’s an extremely simple little web-based service that allows users to construct faces, then port them to MSN Messenger. It’s a lot like the Mii creator, which allows users to pick from several basic components and then organize them around the face to create unique looks.

More interesting than creating dumb little people to go with an IM client, is the option creating dumb little people on Xbox Live this fall. Could this IM addition be paving the way for a more advanced service in the future that would include Microsoft’s Avatar system? The integration of MSN Messenger with the Live dashboard went over fairly well, so I can’t imagine that this doesn’t have some sort of correlation to the announcement at E3.

It could also turn out to be completely nothing, and just a good opportunity for Microsoft to try to reach out to those who like playing the Wii, but use AIM. Regardless, I made my own Minimise-Me up above. Isn’t he dreamy?

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