MS: Paid DLC = buggerloads of game sales

Microsoft has claimed that games bolstered with paid DLC on Xbox Live last a lot longer in the hands of consumers, and generate an extra $21M in sales at retail. Microsoft interactive entertainment business manager Kevin Salcedo used the power of numbers to issue forth this revelation.

In order for these extra sales to occur, however, Salcedo added that the DLC generally needs to arrive within a 30-day “sweet spot,” otherwise they could miss out. This serves to justify developers who prepare DLC before the game’s even launched — a practice some may find distasteful, but is now being backed up with dollar signs.

“Right now we have over 12 million users in over 26 countries, with $240 million in [Xbox Live Marketplace] transactions revenue so far, with $180 million in the last 12 months alone,” boasted Salcedo. “On average, titles that have downloadable content on XBL marketplace have seen a 16 percent [longer] period of people holding onto that title, which keeps them from selling to secondhand stores.”

People seem to like DLC, and game publishers like money — it seems this little arrangement is working out well for everyone. Of course, it won’t all be roses and smiles — the lure of extra cash can only lead to a deluge of downloadable costumes, horse armor and purple stripes on your guns — only 500 MS points!

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