MS loves you, Forza 2 demo supposedly coming tomorrow at 2AM PDT [Update]

Good news for racing fans who also happen to be Xbox 360 owners. Forza Motosport community manager, Che Chou, has stated in a recent message board posting that the demo should be available on Xbox Live marketplace at 2AM PDT (that’s Thursday morning, for the calendar impaired).

Before you drag your force feedback wheel out of the closet and dust it off, one should keep in mind Microsoft’s track record of timely released demos and the like. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, however; they did come through with today’s dashboard update as planned. 

According to previous reports, the demo is set to feature a total of 24 cars along with one track, Mugello Short. Unfortunately, car customization and multiplayer over Live will not be included, but this will be a good opportunity to sharpen your skills before the game is released on May 29.

[Update: Apparently someone got their time zones mixed up, as the time on the message board was changed to 2AM PDT (we originally ran the story stating 2AM EST, as per info on the Forza boards). That’s still Thursday morning, though, so stop whining.]

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