MS believes Avatars are more popular than Gears of War 2?

According to Xbox Australia, NXE Avatars are ranking amongst the country’s most popular wastes of time. Being “played” more than likes of Gears of War 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV, the Avatar Editor would rank at number four on the Xbox Live retail chart if it were a retail game. 

Perhaps it’s because Australia has spent so long with neutered or banned games that it’s forgotten what quality software is, but I’m struggling to rationalize the idea of Xbox Avatars getting so much “play” time in any country. I think this has more to do with Microsoft forcing you into the Editor when you create a new Xbox profile, which isn’t really worth boasting about.

What do you think? Are Avatars seriously that popular, or is Microsoft beaming for no reason? Also, why are Avatars so rubbish and pointless?

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