MS aware of Marketplace issues with NXE

It wouldn’t be a Microsoft launch without hiccups. Despite having a generally smooth rollout, the New Xbox Experience has suffered from a few problems. There are reports of crashes and the obligatory red rings (my 360 crashed twice in the new friends list last night), but the most common issue is the Marketplace not working right, something I mentioned in the review.

Good ol’ Major Nelson has posted to address the problem, confirming that it’s not just my imagination. He has also stated that the issue is being worked on.

If you’ve managed to avoid the problem, it essentially assaults you with server errors when you attempt to access parts of the Marketplace, and is unable to retrieve information. Yesterday morning I was able to access maybe two Community Games in total.

Despite this, Nelson stresses that the NXE launch was an “incredible day.” In terms of the nonsense that is usually attached to a Microsoft endeavour, I do have to say that the NXE contained a surprising lack of fail, all things quantified.

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