MotoGP ’08 for the Wii is coming soon

Capcom just announced that MotoGP ’08 for the Wii ships next Tuesday, March 24. According to the little blurb we received with the release information, you can look forward to controlling the motorcycles in the game with the Wii remote — just like ExciteTrucks, except without trucks and the make-believe physics.

Way back in the day, I’m guessing around 2002, I played the hell out of MotoGP because a demo of the game came packaged with the first Xbox Live Starter Kit. Whenever I started losing a race (never took long) I would turn my bike around and begin driving backwards on the track. The collisions with the winning racers were awesome to behold, but the best part was hearing the racers’ screams of fury because I just tossed their chance of placing well.

I guess, in a small way, I shaped the landscape of grieving on Xbox Live. Thanks, MotoGP. I’ll never forget you.

Anyway, in addition to crazy controls, you can look forward to all the staples of MotoGP including a variety of bike classes to choose from, a deep campaign mode, and tarmac based on real tarmac. (Indianapolis was added this year. Go Indiana!)

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