MotionPlus dev video shows off potential for the accessory

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Perhaps if Nintendo had brought this guy to their E3 press conference instead of Cammie Dunaway, we wouldn’t have all been bitching so much. Who am I kidding? Of course we’d have still complained, if only because we expected this sort of functionality on launch day.
This video by AiLive, a dev tool maker involved with the Wii since the early days, demonstrates a few ways that the new MotionPlus accessory can be implemented into games. It’s all tech demo stuff aimed primarily at developers, so it’s a bit on the dry side, but it does give a glimpse at what Wii games might be doing in the not-too-distant future.
Of course, we get a demonstration of how the MotionPlus handles sword motions because it’s obviously what the core audience wants to see. Yes, it looks like a lightsaber. What I find more interesting is the earlier bit where the demonstrator shows off how a ball can be thrown accurately with variable levels of force. No doubt, EA Sports is already well underway.  
But if this results in another Pong Toss, I’m gonna stab somebody.
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