Morgana’s Report has the scoops on Persona 5 Royal’s Velvet Room

The teasing tabby returns

Atlus has released the fifth video in the Morgana’s Report series, in which the sleep-loving feline gives us the hot scoops regarding upcoming RPG re-release Persona 5 Royal, which launches in Japan on PS4 late next month.

First on the agenda, Persona 5 Royal will expand upon the range of activities and locations that Joker can visit with favourite confidants. Two new areas, Nakano and Shinagawa, house a variety of locations such as a food market, an Otaku store and an aquarium. Morgana suggests that you may see new sides to your confidants when visiting these locations.

Also of note, relationships can be furthered through phone conversations. Hopefully this mechanic will allow you to squeeze in a little Social Link boost even late at night. Speaking of Social Links, abilities unlocked through each of your confidants are expected to be more useful and advantageous in battle, though quite how remains to be seen.

The persona-crafting penitentiary that is The Velvet Room has also been overhauled. Not only will Persona 5 Royal feature new and returning personas, but should allies be created while the “Fusion Alarm” is sounding, they will be born with boosted levels and abilities. A new “Challenge Battle” mode will reward players who take on and defeat a series of opponents with unique persona. In the video, we see our old buddy Jack Frost make an appearance.

As previously revealed, jailers Justine and Caroline can now leave The Velvet Room and go on escapades around town with Joker. Given that the duo’s acerbic attitude is one of Persona 5’s best comedic features, I’m looking forward to seeing how the assistants react to the big, wide world. As a small side-note, at the 05:10 mark we also get to see Persona 5 Royal’s new title screen, which moves our heroes from the subway of Mementos to the central square of Shibuya.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 in Japan October 31, before heading west in spring 2020.

Persona 5 Royal Morgana’s Report #5 video [Gematsu]

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