More Ubisoft DRM bullsh*t: Settlers 7 has issues

Ubisoft’s controversial PC DRM is ruining more legally purchased videogames for buying customers. In the latest round of utter fail, Settlers 7 has been affected, with players experience connection issues and being unable to get into the game. This issue is related to game authentication as opposed to Ubi’s recent DRM technology, although the result is very much the same.

When trying to play Settlers 7, a number of Australian players are getting a “Server Not Available” screen and finding themselves unable to get into a game, whether it be online or a single player campaign. Ubisoft has claimed that there is an issue when linking authentication keys to multiplayer profiles, and that a fix is coming soon. 

Yet again, paying customers become the victims in this ongoing arms race between publishers and pirates. Perhaps Ubisoft should not be working on new and controversial DRM measures when it can’t even get the old procedures right. 

More Woes for Ubi with Settlers 7 [GamePolitics]

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