More than just noise: Blog recap

We got a lot of really good entries for September’s topic! I enjoyed reading all of them, and there are a lot of great blogs that didn’t manage to make it to the front page. If you have time, check out the list of all submitted blogs (that were tagged and titled properly!) below.

All you lazy slackers who didn’t write a blog for September will have a chance to redeem yourself when the topic for October goes live tomorrow afternoon.

Garethxxgod: Alerting the Horde
DiehardSpook: Audible Memory Experiences
Nathsies: Drip, drop, drip, drop
AMV: Silence can be a deafening experience
SenorDoucheoisie: The “SEEEEHH-GAAAH” Effect
Dr Light ate your Magicite: Encapsulating a Character
DimmuJed: Pokemon Rap Rap Rattata
Aurain: “Thou art I, I am thou”
MowDownJoe: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
PsychoSoldier: The Wheels of Fate Are Turning
SWE3tMadness: Nostalgia and Homecoming
pedrovay2003: Music as Legendary as Ys
AlphaDeus: Hold A+B and hit Start
Nihil: Epinephrine
g-off: Happy Garland Blues
Jose Pedro Abalos: All Hail the Quirky Theme!
Kimicario: A Dark and Stormy Night
Talia: It makes me happy
Brian Szabelski: Euphoria at 35,000 feet
HandsomeBeast: Classic Mario > Classical Mario
Om Nom On Souls: Silence
LawofThermalDynamics: More than Just Silence
KingSigy: Ninja Gaiden
tomothy25: It’s Called…Heavy Metal
rexwolf2: Now You’re Playing with Power!
Elsa: Boom Headshot!
Kraid: The sounds of silence
Changston: Let me get on my soap box…
Sthalor: Read this article and earn fifteen silver points
Shodan: Silent Hill 2
Fame Designer: Music in Purgatory
Termadoyle: Silent Noise
Beyamor: More Noise
BulletMagnet: Digital Cheese LIVE
epic-koryuken: Vandalistic Art
Xandaca: The Sound Beneath Our Feet
TheTrendSetter89: The Theatricality of Gaming
manasteel88: Haunted by Final Fantasy
Canti-sama: Great Roles of Voice Acting
MathewRD: Devil May Rock
The Silent Protagonist: Behind the Music with KK Slider
Monodi: It Simply is My Jam
TonicBH: Good game music from beyond the rising sun