More portable Square-Enix: new Valkyrie Profile coming to the DS

Leaked scans posted by cblogger Urashima certainly point strongly in the direction of Valkyrie Profile making its way onto the DS, but you really can’t help but feel bad for that poor game. It started as a PS1 title, got ported to the PSP under the moniker Valkyrie Profile:Lenneth, had a sequel released on the PS2, and now Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One is on its way to the DS. If the series had feelings, surely it would have displacement anxiety by now.

Of course, none of those things matter if you get titillated by Norse mythology, especially when found in your RPGs. If that sounds like a yummy premise to you, I’d definitely recommend backtracking and checking out the PSP port or the PS2 sequel if you don’t own a PSP. Alternately, you could just wait for the new game, which will feature a new male protagonist named Wilfred and is rumored to have a new perspective from the previous titles.

We should have more detailed news in a few weeks, so we will keep you posted as soon as more info comes to light. I’m excited.

[Via IGN – thanks, Jonathan]

Colette Bennett