More L4D DLC coming after ‘Crash Course’

It appears that Valve isn’t abandoning Left 4 Dead after the release of the “Crash Course” campaign downloadable content. During a recent visit to Valve HQ, the two Left 4 Dead 2 boycotters were “given a rough idea” of the unannounced and apparently upcoming L4D content.

“There is more DLC for Left 4 Dead coming after ‘Crash Course,’ Walking_Target said via the boycotter’s Steam Web page. “We were given a rough idea of what it should be, however we were asked not to talk too much about it so it didn’t ‘influence the creative process.’ “

“I can tell you this: it’ll either be a new Special Infected, a new Campaign or new weapon(s). It’s definitely one of the three, perhaps more.” Walking_Target then added that Valve asked the boycotters to not talk about the upcoming DLC.

Keep in mind that this isn’t Valve talking. We’ve fired off an e-mail to confirm this business and prayed to the Dark Lord of DLC for this to be true. Think about it: a new Special Infected for the original Left 4 Dead. Our palms are sweaty already.

[via Shacknews, image source]

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