Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is getting a physical edition from Limited Run Games

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If you’re the type that likes their games to have that new plastic smell, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure (which sometimes just goes by moon, but I refuse) is getting physical housing by way of Limited Run Games. It will come in both standard and collectors edition flavors. It’s perhaps worth noting that this is not a numbered release and, therefore, not part of the Limited Run Collection. It’s simply being distributed on Onion Games’ behalf.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure was the first game by mythical studio Love-de-Lic back in 1997 for the PlayStation. Despite the entire run of Love-de-Lic titles remaining exclusively in their homeland, the developer gained many followers for their weird and charming game designs. After a run of three games, the studio splintered into separate directions, including Vanpool, Skip Ltd., and Punchline. Their design philosophy largely followed, with games like Chulip and Chibi-Robo greatly resembling their Love-de-Lic roots.

Yoshiro Kimura, now helming Onion Games, went to the effort of translating Moon: Remix RPG Adventure and released it on Switch back in the horrible year of 2020. Destructoid’s own CJ Andriesson and I (back when I just went by Adzuken) subjected it to a tag-team review where we were both fond of it mostly from a historical perspective but found some of its rougher edges a bit more difficult to swallow.

Nonetheless, this is perhaps the first Limited Run Games release that I feel I just can’t let slip by. Usually, I’m put off by the shocking price of shipping, but my immense fondness for everything tangentially related to Love-de-Lic pushes me to hit that purchase button. Not sure I need all the stuff in the collector’s edition, though.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is available on Switch, PC, and PS4. So far, it looks like only the Switch version is getting a physical release. The collector’s edition comes with an art book, four “theatre cards,” and a CD of… something. Pre-orders start February 28, 2023.


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