Monster Hunter: World’s PC players get burned by Lunastra on November 22

En fuego

November is cold but Monster Hunter: World PC players won’t have to worry about that. Soon, a dragon is landing and she’ll raise the temperature by more than a few degrees.

Capcom has confirmed that Lunastra will be available to fight on November 22. She’s an elder dragon who’s the counterpart to Teostra. Her specialty is shooting quick streaks of blue fire across the arena, so fast that they take precise timing to dodge. Equipping a fire mantle, fire-resistant armor, and downing some Cool Drinks is the key to besting this fiery lass.

The console players have already been burned by the Empress of Flame. Lunastra was added on PS4 and Xbox One back in late May. Some of them lived to tell the tale. Others just slunk off back to cooler climates.

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