Monster Hunter Stories 2 physical copies do not need a download, Capcom clarifies

Monster Hunter Stories 2 download

Setting the record straight

Getting full games on carts absolutely rules. It’s such a buzz killer to realize that your alleged physical copy actually requires a gigantic download to even function, and it’s why the decision to put Witcher 3 on one giant cart on Switch went down so well with fans. For a minute there it seemed like a Monster Hunter Stories 2 download would be required, but Capcom cleared the air in a tweet.

The confusion came by way of a reddit post titled “street date? What’s a street date?” in which a fan got an early copy of Monster Hunter Stories 2 and flashed it in a post. Readers noticed a “download required” notice on the box and immediately started wondering what the deal was. Well, Capcom shot back last night:

So apparently you can just grab the cart, put it in, and go without needing to do a Monster Hunter Stories 2 download: great news if you’re traveling or don’t have internet access when you pick it up. And naturally, the digital edition will take up 13.5GB, and the day one patch is 0.5GB, so with internet, you’re essentially saving 13GB of space on your Switch by using the cart (initially).

As a reminder, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is out on Friday and we reviewed it! It’s a fun little romp that’s definitely making headlines with its Switch version, but it’s actually also coming out on PC! It’s part of Capcom’s recent interest in PC development, which will also host the release of Monster Hunter Rise early next year.

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