Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Rise are now both getting constant free updates

Boltreaver Astalos in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Free is good

Although Monster Hunter Stories 2 is also on PC, and Rise is coming to PC in 2022, the Switch has a stranglehold on Monster Hunter right now. It’s kind of great, being able to pick up the Switch and play portably and get a few Monster Hunter quests done across two games. I mean it would be even greater if both of these were on more platforms, but in terms of what we have going on now, the Switch is one of the best ones suited for the job (though I’m sure some of you who aren’t keen on the framerate situation would disagree). In any case, we all have more Monster Hunter Stories 2 free content to enjoy this week.

Here’s the rundown of the second Monster Hunter Stories 2 free update:

  • Two new monsties (Hellblade Glavenus, Boltreaver Astalos)
  • A co-op exclusive monster (Kulve Taroth)
  • Four new quests (three eight star co-op quests, one four star delivery)

Capcom is going all-out though, and providing a glimpse into the future as well. Here’s the Monster Hunter Stories 2 free update scheduled for August 19:

  • Four co-op quests (two eight star, one nine star)
  • Two subquests (eight star)
  • One delivery quest (eight star)

The far future is also accounted for in a roadmap revealed this week. In September we’re getting two extra Monster Hunter Stories 2 free title updates, followed by one in October, which has a higher difficulty setting. Plus, Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian are making it into the game. You can check it all out below.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 free

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