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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak recruits another Genshin Impact voice actor

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Here’s a closer look at Master Arlow

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We got a look at a pair of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak NPC characters that were headed our way last week, and now Capcom is showing off another one: Master Arlow. And with that reveal, we have another Sunbreak voice actor confirmation.

Here’s the full bio from game director Yoshitake Suzuki (who is taking over directorial duties from Rise proper):

“This is Elgado Outpost’s hunting tactics instructor and Arena quest handler, Master Arlow. Fiorayne and her sister Rondine have also trained under his guidance. A master of the Gunlance, he’s researching ways to improve Hail Cutter’s cooldown effect.”

The blurb manages to show off the character and a close-up version of the model, while reminding us that Fiorayne and Rondine are sisters: a lore tidbit shared back in the March reveal. Master Arlow is voiced by Keith Silverstein, who plays the memorable Zhongli in Genshin Impact. Similarly, Royal Knight Jae is voiced by Griffin Burns (of Childe fame in Genshin Impact).

I like getting to know some of this info ahead of time, and Capcom has been pretty good when it comes to full tours of Monster Hunter Rise as a whole before either launch (the base game or the expansion). Monster Hunter can be overwhelming at times (especially when trying to figure out a new day one build), so this eases the transition a bit.

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