Fall Guys has been Monopoly-ified

Monopoly Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Edition board and pieces

Don’t spill the beans

Mediatonic’s frantic, clumsy, huggable battle royale game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has fused with Monopoly, and I feel like these are two wild extremes colliding together.

I rarely end a session of Fall Guys feeling bummed out — even if I botched my chance at claiming the crown at the very last second. On the flip side, I never get through a game of Monopoly without hating myself and everybody around me. There’s something in the air. As much as there is a running joke about tensions being high in Monopoly, it’s totally true.

Monopoly Fall Guys incorporates elements from the game like Crowns and Kudos. Instead of scooping up properties, players compete to buy Rounds, and there plastic obstacles in the mix like the See Saw and Big Yeetus. If you’re out of the loop on Fall Guys, you kinda had to be there, but Big Yeetus is a hammer. Look, I don’t know either, but it’s zany.

“When a player begins their turn, they’ll roll the Knockout die. This will let them do things such as activate obstacles, collect Kudos, or even move other players,” reads the description. “Move around the board buying as many Rounds as possible. When passing Go, collect a Crown! Each one hauls in 10,000 Kudos at the end of the game.”

Plastic obstacles in Monopoly Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Edition“I swear, if you Yeet me one more time…”

In the US, the game is up on Amazon for $26.49 right now. According to the Fall Guys Twitter account, Monopoly Fall Guys will be available in the “rest of the world soonTM.”

While these sorts of pop-culture editions are common for Monopoly, I’ve never played one; not even the Nintendo variation with the little Gyroid piece. I do like that fairly new, and seemingly very under-the-radar Monopoly Madness party game, though. It’s so fast.

If you’re just sitting here at the end of this article wondering what’s up with Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch and Xbox, no news to report on that front, I’m afraid — those ports are expected to launch later this year after missing a prior summer release window.

Preemptive dibs on the hot dog character.

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