Monday Night Combat’s PitGirl figurine revealed

You’ll have to excuse us for not mentioning the perky PitGirl when we wrote about our time with the Monday Night Combat demo at PAX East. Her voice was impossible to hear above the screams of our victims and the wet cacophony of constant nerd nasal discharge. But just so you know, she’s the announcer for MNC‘s sports-inspired presentation, an updater of on-screen action.

We received a figurine of her after our demo session and decided to share some photos. She’s no Andrew Ryan, but she probably believes the sweat of her own brow is indeed hers. (Men from Washington or the Vatican currently screaming No! about her alleged beliefs should consider reading another Web site, FYI.)

A small introduction to the character is written on the back of the box. Because I’m a journo, I’ll just simply use scissors and paste and give you the information.

The ultimate cheerleader/handywoman. PitGirl is fast, athletic, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of each athleye’s abilities, biological make up, armor and equipment. She is handy in the pits and a great trouble-shooter but is ignorant on all other topics outside her work. She is unbelievably perky at all times, regardless of whatever emotion she may be feeling. Thus, even rare moments of anger or annoyance are expressed in a sweet Southern accent.

One notable flaw is her open dislike for the Assassin. Researchers have thus far been unable to remove a certain “cattiness” gene from her personality that makes her cheerfully hostile to females.

In stasis, PitGirl dreams of being the prettiest of seven daughters raised on a genteel plantation in the Deep South, being courted by dozens of handsome, young men with constant car trouble.

Notable DNA shared: Distinguished Miss Hooters International winners, Thomas Edison, the 1979 Cowboy Cheerleaders, Jimmy Johnson’s 2007 Tissot Pit Precision Award winning NASCAR pit crew.

Likes: wealthy Southern gentlemen, charity balls, engine trouble, the Tank.

Dislikes: The Assassin, diets, dueling

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