Monday Mind Teasers 5/14/07

I know I’ve missed the last few weeks of Monday Mind Teasers, but you can’t blame me. You guys are beasts, and solve anything I throw at you. I locked myself away for weeks in deep Dtoid depression, too afraid to come out and risk it being another Monday massacre. I’m better now though, a pharmacist gave me happy pills, and I’m seeing a therapist for video game consoling. Except the pharmacist is Nex, and the therapist sessions are actually Faith stripping for me.

Things haven’t changed, you know how it works. With the help of each other, try to figure out all of the disguised video game covers. They all share a common theme that, once solved, can help you figure out the harder ones. This week has a lot of easy covers to ease you back into the weekly tradition, but the theme is a bit rough to figure out. I’m sure you’ll still solve them all in under an hour like usual though, good luck!

Tom Fronczak