Molyneux: Final Fantasy VII defined RPGs, PS3 lacks ‘OMG’ games

Outspoken games designer Peter Molyneux is never short of an opinion or two, and has recently been dishing the dirt on the PlayStation 3. While talking about the PS3’s library, the Fable 2 creator revealed his love for Square-Enix’s iconic PSX title Final Fantasy VII, naming it as something that defined RPGs.

“I always remember back to Final Fantasy VII, when I first played FFVII, that to me defined the genre,” he stated. “Those were the ‘oh my god’ moments, I don’t believe they exist. I haven’t seen many of those on the PS3.”

Molyneux pointed out that his statements are made from the perspective of a gamer and “not as an industry spokesman,” just in case anyone accuses him of 360 bias. He happens to own all three major consoles.

We could talk for many boring hours about the PS3’s game library, but I’m more interested in his belief that FFVII defined RPGs. It’s indeed a very personal belief, and one that I actually share. Being a European and someone who grew up on the Sega side of the fence, it wasn’t until VII that I really got to learn what an RPG was, and how powerful a storytelling device videogames could be. Some FF fans delight in sh*tting on VII, probably because it was so popular, but it was an important game for many people, especially those of us in our early twenties. It was not just genre defining, but gamer defining. 

What say you?

James Stephanie Sterling