Modern Warfare 2 All or Nothing game mode, explained

Modern Warfare 2 All or Nothing game mode explained

The ultimate duel to the death

Modern Warfare 2 has brought back a fan-favorite game mode for multiplayer fans. All or Nothing is one of the most challenging modes because it severely limits your loadout to only two options and asks you to fight against other players in the ultimate free-for-all challenge.

Modern Warfare 2 All or Nothing mode, explained

Modern Warfare 2 All or Nothing mode arrived with the launch of Season 2 Reloaded. The midseason update brought with it a slew of content, including this latest multiplayer game mode. It is one of the toughest game modes in the most recent Call of Duty game, requiring players to deal with a limited loadout.

All or Nothing is a free-for-all game mode where every player fights for themselves. It originally debuted in Modern Warfare 3 and, later, Infinite Warfare. Now, it is back for the first time in nearly six years.

In All or Nothing, a group of players are thrown onto a map with only a pistol and throwing knives. The goal is to win the match by earning 20 eliminations using these two weapons before someone else does.

The more eliminations that someone gets in a match, the more perks they’ll unlock that will make taking out more opponents slightly easier. These perks include the ability to pick up ammo off of fallen enemies to keep you going without respawns.

All or Nothing tips

Modern Warfare 2 All or Nothing is one of the toughest modes since you won’t be able to use the weapons you’ve fine-tuned for multiplayer and battle royale. You’ll have to learn how to master the tricky throwing knives and pistols to excel in these matches.

That said, there are some tips you can use to, hopefully, obtain a win in All or Nothing. Here is what you should do to try and earn a victory in this difficult game mode:

  • Always watch behind you. If you don’t, an enemy could use a moment like you attacking someone else to come up and knife you.
  • Focus on trying to get two kills so you can pick up pistol ammo to gain the ranged advantage.
  • Don’t die once you get the ability to use the pistol. If you die, it resets your perks until you get a killstreak again.
  • Hold down the button for the throwing knife to see the arc of your throw and aim it better.
  • If you are aiming to throw your knife and decide not to do it, hit the switch weapon button to not waste it.

It isn’t certain if All or Nothing is only going to be a limited-time game mode in MW2. As such, I highly recommend checking out while you have the chance to in case it ever leaves.

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