Miyamoto hints that Pikmin 4 was on the backburner

It was ‘close to completion’ at E3 2015

So uh Pikmin 4 guys? It was supposedly “close to completion” last June, Miyamoto then confirmed, but priorities have changed.

Speaking to Miyamoto at E3 this year, he offered the following statement: “Yes, you are right, and we’re working on [Pikmin 4]. So, you know, when we’re in development we have to create a list of priorities and it has been hard to kind of fit that into that list, but we’re hopefully starting to see that on the list now.”

I think it’s easy to read between the lines here — “NX.” It’s crazy how everything is riding on this machine now, with nearly every project that was supposed to be released on the Wii U being pushed back. I’ll never stop singing the praises of the GamePad and lament the fact that the console never caught on.

Pikmin 4 Update [GameRant]

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