Miyamoto better at ‘traditional’ instead of casual

Finally, the beacon of hope for the Nintendo hardcore speaks. In an interview with The Telegraph that GamePro picked up on, Shigeru Miyamoto touched on his affinity of more traditional games like Zelda and Mario. He also even brought up the fact that the Wii remote may be insufficient when it comes to slightly more complicated games.

Making traditional games is what I am best at, because games of that nature take upwards of two or three years to make, we always have to keep the teams working on those projects. They are all working on more Mario, Zelda and Pikmin projects and they all work in close proximity to me, so I can keep a good eye on them.

Miyamoto then went on to give some love to the Wii remote, but pointed out “there are also things that are accomplished better with buttons.” While, Miyamoto may not say it, I will. There are a hell of a lot more games that are accomplished better with buttons, like Mario. I enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy for what it was, but it could have been light-years better with a controller that has more than a smattering of buttons. I think if the whole of Nintendo thought like this, we wouldn’t have been so disappointed from the presentation at E3 this year.

If there’s anything we can take from his statements, it is that there is someone at Nintendo at least committed to bringing titles that don’t lean on the fact that elderly people are buying the console. What do you guys think about Miyamoto’s comments? Do you believe them to be hollow?

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