Missed the LittleBigPlanet beta code rush? Media Molecule says more are coming

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As the excitement of LittleBigPlanet beta code giveaways blossomed around you, did you find yourself still coming up empty handed despite trying your hand at all the options? Don’t feel bad, as you aren’t alone — despite the quantity that has been given away, a lot of people haven’t gotten lucky yet. You have another shot coming soon, if Media Molecule has anything to do with it.

An MM representative stated on the official forums that another 25,000 beta codes will be given out over the course of the next week, although which websites will be doing so were not yet specified. He also advised eager fans to keep an eye on the LBP news site.

Don’t despair, my friends. Of course, if another 25,000 are given away and you don’t get one, you’re just too slow, and there’s not much I can do to help you with that. Keep your eyes peeled!

[Via CVG — Thanks, Joe] 

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