Mines of Moria screenshots show off two new character classes

Today Turbine tossed us a batch of new screenshots for their upcoming Lord of the Rings Online expansion Mines of Moria. The screens show off the two new character classes in the expansion, the Rune-keeper and the Warden.

The Rune-keeper class is most prolific with magic. They have the ability to use both healing spells and destructive spells to a fairly high degree. The Warden is a brawler who relies on combos to trash his enemies. Both of these classes will be available from the start of the expansion and are said to be excellent solo characters to use.

These screens have really got me thinking about what class I would add to Lord of the Rings Online if I got the chance. After careful deliberation I have decided that LotRO really needs a velociraptor class. I drew a picture of it and I believe it sums up how awesome the class would be better than I could with mere words.

Brad BradNicholson