Minecraft reaches historic trillion YouTube views

Minecraft three trillion YouTube

One miiiiiiillion dollars

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Minecraft hit a trillion YouTube views just this week, announcing the news in the dead of night on December 14.

If you’re curious, Microsoft and Mojang count this number via content creators, and general videos on the platform dealing with Minecraft. Given that it was originally released in 2009 via pre-release, Minecraft was able to ride the wave of YouTube just three years after it exploded through the Google purchase: and it never stopped Minecraft has remained relevant this entire time, even getting purchased in its own right by Microsoft.

To celebrate Microsoft released the below video, which remixed the appropriate song “We Built This City.” In case you’re wondering: yes, both lead vocalists of Starship are still alive! They also have a landing page explaining how Minecraft hit a trillion YouTube views, mostly due to the worldwide impact the game has had and how much it resonated with content creators.

As soon as the game was released to the public, I remember seeing old school 2009 forums talk about various challenges, like building a scale model of the Starship Enterprise, or giant Middle-earth maps. Those journeys were in turn all chronicled, and added to this trillion count in the span of a decade-plus.

Minecraft hit a trillion YouTube views celebration video


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