Minecraft Earth is the new Pokemon Go-like AR game from the Minecraft universe

Go forth and build

Today during Minecraft‘s 10th anniversary, Microsoft unveiled the new “top secret” project: Minecraft Earth. It’s that AR (augmented reality) concept we heard about recently, much in the same vein as Pokemon Go, Garfield Go (haha), and whatever that Harry Potter thing is that’s coming.

Microsoft says that you can “go on adventures” out into the real world to locate blocks, chests, or mobs (Tappables), and morph the world around you in AR. Examples given are sidewalks that become mines with diamonds to tap, or a park with trees that contain skeletons: so more of an overall RPG feel with different concepts instead of just capturing things.

Apparently players can create permanent fixtures in the game through the “Build Plates” mechanic, and there’s co-op multiplayer. Microsoft boasts that thanks to Azure and PlayFab tech, it’s one of the most advanced AR games on the market.

The closed beta (which you can sign up for here) will begin his summer on iOS and Android, and it’ll be free-to-play.

Minecraft Earth [Minecraft]

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