Military supplies key location in Dead Island 2

Military supplies key Dead Island 2

Do 50 jumping jacks, soldier!

The Military supplies key in Dead Island 2 will unlock a mighty weapon for you called the Guarding Military Knife. However, to unlock the chest, you’ll need to encounter a mighty foe. You’ll also have to finish a major part of the story before getting the opportunity to find the Military supplies key in Dead Island 2. Here’s exactly where and when to spot this item.

Where to find Military supplies box

Military supplies key Dead Island 2 area
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For the Military supplies key in Dead Island 2 to appear, you first need to complete the main story mission at the Halperin Hotel. You’ll need to beat the likes of the tough Becki the Bride first. Once that is settled and you find yourself back in Bel-Air, return to the Halperin Hotel. Bring up the map and look to the top right.

Set a waypoint on the lockbox in that area with the cross/X button  (A on Xbox). Now, find your way out of the hotel and follow the waypoint into the great outdoors. Work your way up to Lacuna Avenue and interact with the Military supplies box that’s locked. It’s on the back of the Humvee vehicle.

How to get the Military supplies key in Dead Island 2

Drill Sergeant Dead Island 2
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Now, you want to search for the mini-boss in the area, the Drill Sergeant. He’s a beefy zombie with military gear on with blonde hair, and he’s easy to find as he’s hulking down the street. Similar to Wayne the Mailman, you’ll need to defeat the Drill Sergeant to collect the Military supplies key. Given that he packs a lot of strength behind his punches, I fell back and shot him with my pistol and assault rifle. You can also block in time to counter his attacks, but it’s not as reliable as fighting from afar.

Once the brute is down and out, collect the Military supplies keyand unlock the chest on the back of the Humvee. You’ll gain the rare Guarding Military Knife, which has you stab zombies with a thrust of the blade. If you hold the attack button, you can slash foes in front of you.

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