How to complete the My Mailman Was a Zombie quest in Dead Island 2

My Mailman was a zombie Dead Island 2

A missed delivery!

In Dead Island 2, there is nothing more tempting than a firearm. In the My Mailman Was a Zombie quest, you can indeed get a new one for your collection. This mission, however, is a little cryptic. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll blindly look around the area of Bel-Air to actually find what you’re looking for. Here’s exactly how to complete the My Mailman Was a Zombie quest in Dead Island 2. 

My Mailman was a zombie quest Dead Island 2
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Find the paper trail

When you reach Level 15 in Dead Island 2, a new Lost & Found quest can be found within the streets of Bel-Air. To the left of the Goat Pen house, you’ll see the mailman’s van nearby on Alpine Drive. You may need to go north up the road until you find it.

Now, look to the side of the mailman’s van, and you’ll see a note that’s been dropped on the floor. Pick it up, and this will activate the My Mailman Was a Zombie quest in Dead Island 2. 

How to finish the My Mailman Was a Zombie quest

Now that you have the mailman’s paper trail, you can actually check the addresses of each package under “Collectibles” and then “Journals” on the pause menu. Once you’re in that screen, press the right shoulder button to look at the “Lost & Found” tab. Now, select the “My Mailman was a Zombie” journal entry. Press the square button (X on Xbox) to expand the message to see the three addresses you need to arrive at.

The first package can be easily found in front of the GOAT Pen. It’s close to your location. Head on over to the house and you’ll see the packages to the right of the front door.

Dead Island 2 Mailman Package 1
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To find this package, we need to go to Glitterati Corner. To get there, go through Curtis’ house, and on his back porch, you’ll see a way into Glitterati Corner. It’s on the right of where you found Curtis’ safe key, where the Guest Restrooms are.

Turn immediately left, and you’ll see packages in front of a large black gate.

Dead Island 2 Mailman package 2
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Where to find the Mailman’s keys in Dead Island 2

The last area you need to go to is Colt Swanson’s house at 70 Alpine Drive. If you look at the map, the last area is the brown building on the top left, which has a star and a guy with sunglasses on. Go to the driveway of the house and at the most northeastern section of the road, you’ll meet the now hideous Wayne the Mailman.

Wayne the Mailman Dead Island 2
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Watch out for his caustic attacks and avoid the poison on the floor. I was able to take him out quickly by using Fury Mode. He’ll then drop the Mailman’s Keys. Go back to the Mailman’s van, and then unlock the case to get the Raven assault rifle. This weapon has a scope, so it’s well worth the time and effort you took to find it.

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