Mii gaming lives on for the Switch with Project Mekuru

Reminds me of Mario Party

In yesterdays whirlwind of reveals, another indie title was showcased for the Switch in Japan. It’s called “Project Mekuru” (Project Flipping in Japanese), and will utilize Miis as avatars. So far Miis have taken a backseat on the Switch, relegated to an optional profile creation setting. Since Miiverse and mandatory Miis are being phased out (as well as the lack of StreetPass on the portable Switch), folks were worried they’d be dead entirely, but Nintendo always said that developers can use them if they want.

There aren’t a lot of concrete details yet, but it’s being developed by Over Fence, and it has a four player battle mode that involves smashing tiles and swapping colors. It is a Switch exclusive.

Project Mekuru [IGN]

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