Mighty Switch Force might be getting a four-game bundle

Pretty Mighty

Since 2011, Mighty Switch Force has been one of the most consistent series WayForward has produced.

The concept of swapping blocks around to solve puzzles in a platforming framework is a mighty one indeed, and through one police-driven motif, two firefighting themes, and an “academy” concept centered around co-op; there’s a lot to dive into here if you haven’t given it a shot. It looks like a lot more people are going to get the chance, as Mighty Switch Force Collection has been rated by PEGI for the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One platforms.

The listing hints at four games, which will likely be the following: Mighty Switch Force (in its Hyper Drive form), Switch Force 2, Hose it Down (a puzzle spinoff) and the co-op Academy. Given that all of them are good (even if Hose isn’t quite as mesmerizing), it’s going to be one hell of a nice pickup for a weekend session. This also marks the first time the series has graced the PS4 and Xbox One platforms, which is a huge deal if you’ve never owned a Nintendo system to play the first two games or never picked up the latter two on PC.

Mighty Switch Force! Collection [PEGI] Thanks Chad!

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