Microsoft’s Xbox One Adaptive Controller also has accessible packaging

They thought of everything

Microsoft deserves a ton of props for putting in the effort to craft their Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is arriving in September for $99.99. The whole idea is to allow people with limited mobility to play video games in a way they couldn’t before, and Microsoft is even going so far as to ensure that the packaging is as accessible as the controller.

As reported on their official blog the box accounts for those with “limited dexterity,” and can be opened easily with one arm. To accomplish this they worked with disabled gamers until they got it right, something that some of the testers appreciated.

Mike Luckett, a user that has trouble using his fingers due to a motorcycle accident, expressed his gratitude by stating: “I’m excited that Microsoft is taking the opportunity to try to understand individuals who have less ability to open a traditional package than able-bodied users. Having this easy-to-open packaging doesn’t just benefit us in the disabled community. It benefits everybody to have a package that opens a lot faster, with less hassle, so you can game faster.”

Microsoft hints that this new look on packaging might make a rippling effect throughout the entire industry. It might be wishful thinking, but the lengths they went through for this particular device have already paid off, it seems.

How gamers with disabilities helped design the new Xbox Adaptive Controller’s elegantly accessible packaging [Microsoft]

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