Microsoft’s X10: What you can expect today

Microsoft’s holding its big media event X10 today in San Francisco, and we’ll be there to bring you all of the coverage and announcements starting at 1:30 Pacific today.

But what can you expect? Here are the games we’re told to expect: Alan Wake; Crackdown 2; Fable III; Halo: Reach; Splinter Cell: Conviction; Final Fantasy XIII; Dead Rising 2; Lost Planet 2; Ghost Recon; Perfect Dark XBLA; Game Room on Xbox LIVE; and more.

We’re expecting to get “super pissed” by Fable III, and word around town is we’ll finally get a solid release date for Alan Wake. Of course, that won’t be all — we expect some surprises, too.

Coverage starts at 1:30 Pacific. Hope you wore comfortable pants today.

Nick Chester