Microsoft’s next chance to blow us away with the Xbox Series X is July 23

The Xbox Games Showcase starts at 9AM PT

The recent Xbox Series X game showcase came and went, and a lot of people were disappointed that it didn’t show enough gameplay.

This time around Microsoft is raring up to remedy that mishap with their July “Xbox Games Showcase,” and now we have a firm date and time: July 23 at 9AM PT. Before all that happens we’re getting a pre-show with Geoff Keighley at 8AM PT, so you can tune in early if that’s your thing.

So far we know for sure that we’re seeing Halo Infinite, but anything could show up: from the previously announced to the unannounced. With all of Microsoft’s studio acquisitions in the past few years, they’ll likely have something else first-party to show off.

You what we all really want to see though? A damn date and a price.

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Chris Carter
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