Microsoft’s new big day one Game Pass access program includes PC

Access to new releases on two platforms for $10 a month

The Xbox Game Pass has kind of been flying under the radar. It’s a $10 a month service (that you can cancel) that grants people access to a library of games, including first and third party releases. It’s always been a neat little extra, but as of this week it’s evolving into something much more useful.

As announced yesterday, Microsoft is extending the program to work with brand new first-party games on day one. In other words, if you want to play Sea of Thieves (or Crackdown 3, or the next Gears or the next Forza) but don’t want to buy it, you can pay $10 to subscribe, and by proxy “rent” it for an entire month, with the rest of the library available as well.

That sold me on its own, but head of Xbox games marketing at Microsoft Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that as long as the game is a Play Anywhere title (read: most first-party Xbox projects these days), it is included in the updated Game Pass program. After getting beaten out by Sony during that fateful E3 Microsoft has really kicked it into overdrive — competition is good!

Aaron Greenberg [Twitter]

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