Microsoft’s latest Xbox controller is the ‘Sport Red Special Edition’

Tacky, yes, but I dig it

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Today during the Inside Xbox event, Microsoft unveiled a new controller type: the “Sport Red Special Edition.” Said to be “inspired by active wear” (I can see it) it sports a red/silver combo.

Microsoft’s controller game is just one of the things they’ve stepped up in recent years. I really took to the Design Lab concept that was introduced a few years back (check out our Mr. Destructoid controller!) as it offered an official option into the mix, an interesting angle given that the competition usually partners with third party manufacturers. This is on top of the fact that the Xbox One Elite is one of the best controllers I’ve ever used (if not the best, outside of the Oculus Touch) despite the price.

So yeah, Microsoft is coming out with a sorta-tacky sorta-cool red remote and it’s sorta news. But it’s one of many options and they definitely deserve a lot of credit for that.

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