Microsoft’s Game Room won’t have T or M-rated content

Microsoft’s Game Room looks pretty damn neat, although there are some things which have lessened its appeal recently. Here’s another possible one: Game Room is rated “E 10+.”

What this means, according to a Microsoft representative, is that games which would garner a rating of “T” or “M” will not be made available on the service. No Mortal Kombat or any other sort of graphically violent game would stand a chance.

It’s not a huge deal, considering how many classic arcade games wouldn’t be considered inappropriate for anyone prior to the 1990’s, but there will be some gaps in the catalog as a result. As long as I can get Crystal Castles, it doesn’t bother me too much. I guess Death Race 2000 is right out, though.

Microsoft’s Genius – Rate The Room, Rate Every Game – But Those Rated Teen And Up Left Out [GamerBytes]

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