Microsoft’s bullsh*t response to Games on Demand pricing

Last week, we all learned how Australia is being expected to pay a ludicrous 6000 Microsoft Points for Mass Effect, as well as other titles. The inconsistent, rather insulting price points for a number of games worldwide has given us a good, clear indicator of exactly how greedy Microsoft intends to be with Games on Demand, but MS has decided to sugarcoat it and give one of the most pathetic PR responses I’ve seen in a long time.

“No one retailer has the lowest pricing for every product, and our program is about giving people 24 x 7 convenience and selection when shopping for Xbox 360 games,” snivels Microsoft. “We’re incredibly excited about what Games on Demand means for digital distribution, and will continue to evaluate and evolve the service to meet market and consumer demands.”

So, Microsoft basically believes that the convenience is worth the ridiculous price tag. I can’t remember correctly, but I don’t think Steam games are priced with that kind of mentality. Someone remind me … do Steam games cost $100, and are we supposed to feel grateful for it? 

Absolutely pathetic.

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