Microsoft wants you to manage their store

Frankly we’re surprised it has taken Microsoft this long to enter the world of retail seeing as they have stuff to sell, they have the money to sell it and they’re usually only about one step behind Apple who has had blindingly white retail locations for years. No matter, they’re entering the retail game now and they’re looking for someone to manage each and every store they’re opening.

Do you have the ability to “recruit, interview, hire, train and develop a team of friendly, customer focused sales and support staff, “maintain a learning environment that delivers the most knowledgeable and skilled team in retail” and “protect company assets including people, merchandise, facilities and money.” If you do, and you’ve been managing a retail store for about five years, then Microsoft will gladly give you a chance at applying for the manager position. Sadly, there is no specific location given for where these jobs are opening, so we have no clue where the Microsoft retail stores might be opening. 

We do know that the stores will be opening this fall, so if the job sounds good to you, and you never want to use an Apple product again in your life, then start applying.

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