Microsoft wants floppy bodies ‘perpetually’

According to Develop, Microsoft Game Studios and Havok have recently signed a “perpetual licensing agreement” to ensure that Microsoft and its partners have access to flying trash cans, floppy bodies, and clipping issues for eternity. It is being described as a “unique deal,” but real specifics including exclusivity have not been discussed openly as of yet. The best part of the deal is that Microsoft will be able to utilize Havok’s upcoming “Havok Cloth” product, which is sure to strike fear into both Sony and Nintendo’s hearts.

If anything, this ensures that the random acts of physics-based hilarity in Microsoft Game Studio’s games will perpetually continue. The Havok engine and I have a close relationship. Ever since the first time I placed a grenade on a dead body in Halo 2, I have had held the firm belief that nothing in videogame history could come close to the beauty of watching a corpse bounce between buildings and through a teleporter.

Just as an interesting tidbit, among the official upcoming games list on Havok’s website is Alan Wake. After a bit of prying, I found out that Remedy is using a secret engine called “Havok Disappearing.” Apparently, the engine allows developers to cloak their titles from public view and break console launch release dates.

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