Microsoft ‘too invested’ to let Apple dominate

Only an idiot would deny that Apple is a force to be reckoned with. Its iDevices are kicking arse in the mobile market, and the ever-growing library of good gaming Apps has made a dent in our own beloved industry. Microsoft has never liked anybody but themselves owning a market, however, and is determined to step in.

“I think there are too many people with too much money invested to let Apple win in terms of flooding the entire market,” says Microsoft Games Studios’ Kieron Connell at the Evolve In London Conference. “You’d better believe Microsoft is very serious about Windows Phone 7, and protecting their part of the business. It’s going to be an interesting time – that’s for sure.” 

It looks like Microsoft is more than ready to take on yet another opponent, but it’s going to be a difficult time for us gamers who are interested in mobile development. Phones aren’t exactly like consoles — you can’t pick up every single one unless you like paying for multiple service plans.

It’s hard to tell where the best games are going to be, with Windows phones, Androids, iPhones and a potential PlayStation Phone all vying for our cash and attention, and I doubt many of us want to invest in all of them. 

MS: “Too many people with too much invested to let Apple win” []

Jim Sterling