Microsoft to release a two-tone controller in October

Taking a cue from Vicarious Visions and their recent release Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Microsoft is fusing two things together that should never be: the colors red and black (on the flipside, think Venom and Iron Man). The above is a wretchedly glossy wireless controller slated to hit retail on October 15, to be exact.

The peripheral comes with a Plug and Play adapter and possibly a rechargeable battery. Microsoft didn’t announce this thing (wonder why), so we’re a tad unsure of what the total bundle is. Still, we’re confident that the publisher will ship these things in a magical box of awesome. The 70-dollar price tag demands some sort of voodoo packaging.

If you need a controller that looks like someone with a belly full of red and black crayons puked on it, look no further than this two-tone beast in the header. We’re sure it’ll work just fine like any other controller Microsoft-certified controller, but flashing this bad boy is definitely not going to win you any style points. No, definitely not style points.

[via Gizmodo]

Brad BradNicholson