Microsoft to present Tokyo Game Show 2010 keynote

You never know what’s going to come out of a keynote speech. We go to all of them: E3, TGS, gamescom, GDC and more. We’re always waiting for that next big announcement, but sometimes it never comes. The Tokyo Game Show keynotes are usually good, but they’re not that strong in the way of announcements. Back in 2005 Nintendo showed off the Wii Remote for the first time there, but subsequent shows haven’t been as strong. We sometimes get a price drop or a new bundle, and that’s it.

I’m hoping for more from this year’s keynote for TGS 2010, which will be given by Microsoft. The working title is “Xbox 360’s Vision and 2010’s Strategy.” Sounds boring, but there could be some pretty interesting stuff up their sleeves. It’ll likely focus on Kinect.

Both Game Studio VP Phil Spencer and Home and Entertainment boss Takashi Sensui will be taking the stage on September 16th, says Andria Sang.

Dale North