Microsoft to create a 300,000 player multiplayer game

Microsoft wants an experienced developer for what will probably end up as either the biggest flop in videogame multiplayer history or the best thing ever — an Xbox 360 game that will allow 300,000 players simultaneously. Seriously.

The plans for this mysterious title were extracted from a job posting by Microsoft (spotted by Develop) which reads, “We are building an extremely high performance system to extend console games to the server in new was; creating a completely new set of web services to support dynamic programming information of games and scheduling data.”

The engineer will be responsible for “building a backend capable of hosting a 300,000 player game in real-time with real money on the line (anti-cheating, etc).”

Call us crazy, but this sounds like a future Xbox LIVE Primetime title. Think a massive, real-time digital poker tournament similar to the World Series of Poker. Or, as Kotaku notes, it could be a cross-platform Halo project. Either way, this thing is going to be big. Eat your heart out, MAG.

[image via Shasta Film Fest]

Brad BradNicholson