Microsoft threatens to ban early Halo 3 players, then shows mercy

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To say that Microsoft jealously guards its Halo franchise, much like a dragon does its pile of gold and arcane treasures, could be something of an understatement. Halo 3‘s launch is obviously important, and The ‘Soft doesn’t want it falling into eager hands early. In fact, MS was so adamant of this that it threatened suspensions of Xbox Live accounts to anybody caught playing the game before its launch next week.

However, following a report we ran earlier about Argos breaking the street date accidentally, it would be considered most unfair, almost fascist, for opportunistic gamers who were only showing the kind of initiative that builds multimillion dollar corporations to be punished for seizing the moment. As such, lucky-turned-unlucky-turned-relieved gamers need not worry, as Microsoft has now clarified the banhammer will only drop on Microsoft employees. Now get back to making everybody else jealous of you, you big lugs. 

The rest of us can hit the jump for a full statement from Microsoft.

[Cheers, TehuberOne]

“We can confirm that Microsoft is not taking any action (such as banning Xbox Live accounts) against gamers who are playing Halo 3 before the official street date. Any rumours or speculation to the contrary are false,”

So there!

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