Microsoft spending silly money on ‘casual’ marketing

Microsoft is preparing a merciless marketing blitz that will see it spend more money on pre-Christmas promotion than it did for the launch of the Xbox 360 or the release of Halo 3. The ‘Soft’s “Live Your Moment” ad campaign will be the single most expensive investment in the Xbox brand’s marketing history.

Of course, the reason for this expenditure could only be one thing. Yes, this is Microsoft’s attempt at targeting “the casual and social segments,” which can basically be translated as “all those bastards buying Wiis who we want to buy 360s instead.”

The campaign will hit TV screens, magazines, billboards, retail displays and the digital medium. Basically you’re going to see 360s everywhere. Looks like Microsoft is hoping that the sheer power of money will curb Nintendo’s dominance in the games industry.

I somehow don’t think Reggie Fils-Aime is shaking in his savory boots yet.

James Stephanie Sterling