Microsoft shrugs off reported Xbox 360 flaws

Do you remember us telling you about how a thermal design expert was hired to look around in the Xbox 360? As David said, ‘badness’ was found, as the expert uncovered problems with the fans and heatsinks as well as with heat management. Now it seems that Microsoft is dismissing this expert’s negative findings on both a current and repaired Xbox 360.

Games Radar received a response from Microsoft on this issue, with a representative saying,  “There is no single root cause or systemic issue with any of the Xbox 360 consoles.”

With such a complex consumer electronic product that contains more than 1700 different components and 500 million transistors, there are obviously many things that can malfunction at any given time. The vast majority of customers who own Xbox 360 consoles continue to have a terrific experience. “As Microsoft didn’t participate in the test, we cannot comment on any findings.”

Really? Is that their way of saying that it’s not just fans and heatsinks, and that just about everything could be broken and anything could go wrong? Are they denying that the issues are heat-related?

Look, we know about the warranty issues and extensions, and many of us have had first-hand experience with broken Xbox 360s. Just fess up already!

[Via Games Radar – Thanks, Mr. Donut] 

Dale North