Microsoft sees Natal evolving over the next half decade

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“The richness of the technology is going to really enable experiences that never had existed before,” said Microsoft’s Aaron Greengerg to CVG at X10 last week. “And we’re not just speaking about what we’re doing this year, but I think two, three, four, five years from now as this evolves.”

That sounds promising. I like that Microsoft is not afraid to talk big about Natal. They’re not afraid to give it a 5 year lifespan already. We know next to nothing about it, but we will very soon, starting out at this year’s E3 and leading all the way up to the holiday 2010 release.

“Millions of consumers this Holiday will be able to experience Project Natal and this is just the beginning of something that will change the way consumers interact with entertainment and change way our publishing partners think about game development.”

Coming from Greenberg, it sounds less like a tease and more like a promise. Again, that’s something we can appreciate.

Aaron Greenberg on Project Natal’s five-year lifespan [CVG]

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