Microsoft says PSN hack is ‘bad for the industry’

After many weeks of controversy, Sony’s arch rival Microsoft has finally spoken out about the PlayStation Network hack, and it decided against any smug or preening responses. In fact, the company suggested that the situation had a negative effect on the games making business. 

“We don’t view it as a good thing for our industry,” said COO Dennis Durkin. “When we think about the future of the industry, with regards to privacy, security, digital rights — all the things that are really important for consumers to feel like they trust the systems they’re using.

“Something we’ve felt was always very important for Xbox Live; we’re invested in people’s privacy and their security and making sure that we work to keep it a cheat-free and hack-free environment. That’s something we’ve always been about. It’s something we take very seriously. It continues to be a very big priority for us.”

Durkin added that his company wants nobody to deal with the situation Sony’s dealt with, and advised that consumers need to always remain careful with their personal data and use multiple passwords. As sites appear to be getting hacked left and right, this advice couldn’t be more pertinent. 

Microsoft: PSN hack is bad for the games industry [OXM, thanks Alex]

Jim Sterling